Friday, January 24, 2014

"Crochet it Forward" - Crocheting for charities and other good causes

Paying it forward a stitch at a time.

I recently asked this question of my testing group and also on my facebook page:  "What are some things we can do with crocheting to benefit others?"  It could be a "pay it forward" kind of thing or a charity.  Here is a list of some of the things we came up with.

Beanies for Soldiers:

Project Linus:  Every child gets a blanket when in the hospital.

Crochet for Cancer:  Donate hats to cancer centers.

Pink Slipper Project:  Provides warm handmade slippers to women and children living in shelters.

Angels for Hope:  Non-profit organization that sends crocheted angels to those who need a special lift.

Knit A Square:  Knit or crochet a 8" x 8" square to be donated and made into a blanket for a vulnerable or orphaned child in Africa.

Other ideas for local donations:

  • Donate blankets to battered women shelters, homeless shelters, foster care, etc.
  • Baby booties, socks, bibs, hats, other baby items for crisis pregnancy centers.
  • Donate blankets or lap throws to nursing home residents, lap throws for dementia units, lap afghans to veterans in hospitals.
  • Homeless people that you see asking for help - keep extra hats in the car ready to donate when needed.
  • Hats and scarves for the homeless veterans.
  • Blankets for the elderly at Christmas.
  • Donate blankets for local animal shelters.
  • Crochet nests for local SPCA.
  • Donate preemie hats to your local NICU.
  • Memory blankets, memory kits for still births, miscarriages.  See "Afghans for Angels" above.
  • Crochet breasts for women who can not afford prosthetics:
  • Police officers will often carry things like stuffed animals, hats, and blankets for when they have to remove children from their homes.  Ask if they will accept donations.
  • Low income schools can often use donations like hats and scarves for the children.  These would often come out of the teachers' pockets otherwise.
  • Food banks.  Some collect hats, gloves, and scarves along with food donations to put in their Christmas baskets.

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  1. Love these! <3

  2. What a great list you put together!! Thank you for taking the time to do this :)

  3. givingartfully is a great site that has a bunch of charities on it that you can donate to and their goals for the year or for the quarter.

  4. Knit and Crochet for a Cause on Facebook - in charge of the yearly Special Olympics Scarf Program.