Saturday, March 23, 2013

Think Spring!!

I'm so ready for winter to be over!  I live in Northern Minnesota and we still have 3 feet of snow in our yard and the snowdrifts on the sides of the streets are taller than the cars.  Maybe if we all start crocheting some warm weather hats....Mother Nature will get the hint?

Photo copyright Flom Designs and Photography
     Flower Garden Hat pattern

This is one of my oldest patterns, the Flower Garden Hat.  Perfect for spring with an open, airy design and lots of colorful flowers!

Photo copyright Melon & Pebble
     Taryn Hat pattern

Another flower hat pattern that is really versatile for spring is the Taryn Hat pattern.  This pattern comes with the Loopy Flower pattern so you can make lots of flowers in different colors that are interchangeable for the hat, they simply button on.

Photo copyright Christy Kirkland Photography

     Spring Bloom Beanie pattern

Another great flower hat pattern is the Spring Bloom Beanie.  This hat comes with a ruffled flower pattern in two sizes, and also a leaf pattern.  Or, skip the flower and just thread a ribbon through the hat for a totally different look.

Photo copyright B Faith Photography

     Avery Beanie pattern

A slightly warmer option for spring is the Avery Beanie with this huge rose pattern.  So much fun!

Photo copyright Jennifer Dougherty

     Butterfly Garden Beanie, Cocoon, and Pod Set

This is one of my favorite cocoon light and airy and perfect for Spring.  I think it has a lovely vintage look too!

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